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My Uncle in the CIA

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 10:25 PM

I hesitated on whether or not to start this thread but maybe some of you can help answer some question my family has been needing answered since 1982.

So my uncle was/is in the CIA. Hilton Paul "Boogie" Arcement. He flew planes and did other stuff our family is not fully aware of to this day. Anyway, he used to do work all over the world and he could pass for a lot of denominations, Saudi, White, Mulatto, Mexican, you name it he could pass for it. As I understand it, how my family tells me, "he was involved in some crazy and dangerous ****".

Anyway, before his last flight he told my Uncle Bobby that he was going to fly under the radar in Nicaragua and take pictures because the U.S. had some problems with them at the time. Anyway a few days later we got news his plane went down in Texas coming back from Nicaragua and he died in the crash. Pictures were taken and we got them some odd years later and the body was completely burned. Couldn't make out who it was. So the CIA sent his dental records to Texas and it was confirmed it was him there. We never got his teeth back though. After we found out he passed my Uncle Richard went in my Uncle Boogies room and found a phone number taped under his desk. He called it and the person who picked up was the head person of the CIA at the time.

Anyway, a few years later my Aunt (my Uncle's wife) her friend who moved to California said she was dining in a restaurant that my Uncle and his friends ate at often years before and she looked up and he was there. Although she never went over to him to see if it was actually him. I found that odd.

Some years after that my cousin (My uncle's daughter) went to a psychic and that psychic told her that my Uncle was alive in a prison in South America and he would ultimately die there.

Now we can get his body exhumed from his grave to get a DNA test but only the kids, My cousins Rob and Brandy can do that and TBH they are scared of what the outcome may be. They also don't have the money.

Our family has felt so incomplete since my Uncle Boogie left us and in a way we never recovered. We have tried on multiple occasions to get answers but we have not yet been able to. Do any of you know if there is anything we could do? I was too young so I was never able to meet my Uncle. From what my family tells me he was a very interesting person and I would love nothing more to meet him.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Posted 11 March 2007 - 10:10 AM

sorry bout your folks......

But that would make a great film....

Wish you luck......

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 11:55 PM

that would make a good movie. here is how i look at it. the us gov can do what they want so dont piss them off. next thing u know they are suspected of being a terrorist and in some secret prison.

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