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What Did You Expect?

Posted by Saints Fan in Austin , 05 August 2011 · 3,008 views

wonderful offseason Why you should have expected a frantic
Saints fans have been in awe of the free agency moves of Mickey Loomis and co. through the first two weeks of this abbreviated offseason but I have to ask, “Why are you surprised?” The Saints have been about winning since Coach Payton stepped foot into New Orleans and after tasting the ultimate prize, they are coming back for more.

Let us not forget that the Saints were restricted in free agency following the 2009 season due to the “final four” rules that were imposed when the owners opted out of the collective bargaining agreement. In essence, this is the Saints first bite at the apple since they won Super Bowl XLIV.

Coupling the lack of ability to improve the team outside of the draft with some 29 free agents has made for a whirlwind of activity. I predicted an active free agency period and was met with much disagreement. We received our first sign of this activity in early March, when the Saints made a big acquisition in DT Shaun Rogers.

Fast forward to draft day, 2011. Not only did the Saints plug a hole with a steal of a pick in Cal’s Cam Jordan, they also traded back into the first round to select Alabama Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram to solidify the running back position. With the first three additions of the offseason in New Orleans, the Saints brass had shown all of us that they understood where the team needed to improve.

What was funny about the abrupt end to the lockout was that some Saints fans felt that the signing of undrafted free agents and re-signing our own free agents like Lance Moore and Roman Harper would highlight the Saints’ offseason but they could not have been in for a bigger surprise. I’ll let the names speak for themselves:

DT Aubrayo Franklin (SF), RB Darren Sproles (SD), OC Olin Kreutz (CHI), DE Turk McBride (DET), LB Will Herring (SEA), CB Fabian Washington (BAL), Johnathon Amaya (MIA), S Paul Oliver (SD), CB Trumaine McBride (AZ), and FB Korey Hall (GB). Sure, there are a few stinkers (see Alex Barron) but there’s nothing wrong with taking a look at a guy during training camp.

It is hard to speak about who has arrived without at least once mentioning who has departed. Saints fans will miss Anthony Hargrove, Remi Ayodele, Johnathan Goodwin, Usama Young, Jimmy Wilkerson, and (probably) Heath Evans. I also want to give a special shout to Reggie Bush. This may be the last time you see me mention his name in this space but he did do as well as he could do for five seasons in New Orleans. I was disappointed when he asked out but the fact is, he asked out. Enjoy those mojito’s!

This season in New Orleans will be a season like no other. I take that back. I have a feeling this season will end just like the season ended two years ago, with Drew Brees standing on the podium holding a big trophy, shaking hands with the Commissioner. Let me be the first to say it.

The New Orleans Saints will win Super Bowl XLVI. Simple as that. Who Dat!

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