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California Lovin' In The Big Easy?

Posted by Saints Fan in Austin , 08 March 2009 · 692 views

The Saints may be returning to that Southern California well to further augment the team.

During an interview with XX 1090 AM, Saints QB Drew Brees disclosed that he would "love to have [LaDainian Tomlinson] in New Orleans." There were rumors to that affect circulated by The National Football Post last week but they were quickly dismissed by the talking heads of the media. Brees' revelation was the second time in a week that Tomlinson was connected to the Saints. Where there's smoke, there's usually. Hopefully, this plays out in the Saints favor.

We also found out that the Saints are bringing in former USC and Detroit Lion's former 2nd round pick DT Shaun Cody for a visit on Monday. If signed, Cody would have the chance to finally develop as expected. In a previous blog, I stated that Cody was the type of guy we should look at for the defensive tackle rotation. Apparently, the Saints were listening.

And since I'm a regular Nostradamus, I have a feeling that the Saints will kick the tires on S Will Demps if a deal isn't sealed with Sharper or Sensabaugh in the next two or three days. Giants S James Butler will also become a possibility the longer he stays on the market. I'm personally in favor of Gerald Sensabaugh, despite his legal transgressions, simply because of how he excelled in Gregg Williams' scheme last season.

Did the bears release Mike Brown? If so, why? Is he damaged goods?
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Saints Fan in Austin
Mar 09 2009 08:50 AM

Did the bears release Mike Brown? If so, why? Is he damaged goods?

Yes, I'd say he's damaged goods. Brown is a free agent but isn't getting many nibbles for that very reason.
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