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We Dat...

Posted by Saints Fan in Austin , 31 December 2009 · 2,049 views

For fear of jinxing this season, I've avoided posting my blog, noting that we had lost every game after a blog entry earlier this season. Not that I'm taking credit for the wins, but I did realize how I could contribute to us not losing. But I digress...

The New Orleans Saints have won Super Bowl XLIV. Shall I repeat it? I think I will. The New Orleans Saints have won Super Bowl XLIV.

I wasn't sure when I'd ever hear those words be uttered but I always kept faith that I'd hear it eventually. It also helps that I'm in my early 30's and could have went on many more years suffering before giving up on this team. I've long said that I wouldn't leave this team until this team left me. We had a close call a few years ago but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades so I step past Benson's temporary moment of insanity with grace. Four years ago, I couldn't have envisioned this day. When purchasing that three-game package in San Antonio only to attend the games and see 'San Antonio Saints' bootleg shirts being sold within the Alamodome, I thought that some other city would be enjoying this, if the day even ever came. When going home to see my family in New Orleans, I wondered if it even made sense for the Saints to return. I'm not sure I would have. Some in my family still haven't. That was when we, as a city, a team, a spirit, were at our lowest. Inch by inch and brick by brick, New Orleans started to show signs of recovery. Some four years later, we are back. Well, almost. While winning Super Bowl XLIV has given my city, our city, the nation's city a reason to smile again, far too many tears are still shed because of what is still yet to be done. New Orleans will not be back until it is better than it was pre-Katrina. This must not be forgotten. There is still work to be done. A month long Mardi Gras or a Dat Tuesday parade won't change that fact.

With that said, celebrate! Who Dat??? We Dat!!! We earned Dat!!!

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