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Saints Say Farewell To ‘Super’ Foursome

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Today, the New Orleans Saints bid farewell to four of the best “people” to ever wear black & old gold. Though each came to New Orleans with varying degrees of fanfare, all of them leave New Orleans with unquestioned love from Saints fans.

When I was sitting in Reliant Stadium watching the Saints take on the Texans this past preseason, and saw Will Smith limp to the sideline, I knew that he had just taken his last snap in a Saints uniform. It was an unfair ending for a whale of a performer for the Saints since being their 1st round pick in 2004.

Not to be outdone in the unfair department, LB Jonathan Vilma played all of one game in his final season in New Orleans, seemingly a tease for such a proud player. As a champion not only on the field but against the self-proclaimed injustice imposed by the NFL, I can think of 51 better alternatives for his Saints career ending than the one that played out.

Jabari Greer was one of the easiest players to cheer for. The well-spoken cover man was not what Saints fans were looking for in free agency in 2009, but he was just what the doctor ordered. I enjoyed reading his thoughtful and eloquent sabbaticals as a writer for and MMQB just as much as I loved watching his best days as our #1 cornerback. Greer too was met with a fate that was far worse than he deserved, losing the rest of his season (and possibly, his Saints career) to a catastrophic knee injury.

Roman Harper was the guy we had to learn more about because we spent most of our time watching Reggie Bush USC clips after the first round but he turned out to be one of the main reasons why there’s a Lombardi Trophy on Airline Drive. His season was too cut shorter than it should have been due to injuries. Of the four released players, Harper’s replacement is already on the roster in future star Kenny Vaccaro but that doesn’t minimize what Harper did for New Orleans in his time as starting safety and #WHODAT ambassador.

Perfect endings rarely happen in the NFL. Most times, it feels more like divorce than sunset. That’s why it is so important to celebrate what they did while they were here. I rarely quote Kanye West because I don’t like people making character judgments about me but he said something that has always stuck with me. People rarely get the flowers while they can still smell them. Show your love for these ‘Super’ Saints. There might never been another foursome like them in New Orleans any time soon.


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