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WhoDatDivas: The Girls in Black & Gold

By now, most every Saints fan has seen the NFL Films special on Steve Gleason (if you haven’t seen it…set your DVR) and while anyone with a heart could write reams about Steve and his fight, what touched me was Michel, his wife, and how she reflects the spirit of the Saints female fan base.

In these crazy times, love may seem like it comes and it goes, but when you spot true love, it’s such a beautiful thing to witness. Nothing about the Gleason’s life is easy, and yet you see Michel…always right by her husbands side, supporting whatever his next adventure or idea is. She smiles at his triumphs and his silliness, and I’d never presume to know what she feels inside, but I imagine she has her moments where she weeps. A lesser woman, a weaker woman couldn’t handle the daily stress that comes with running a home, taking care of a child and helping a husband with a terminal illness, but Michel does it with class and dignity and humor.

She is an example to every person, not just wives, that when you say those vows, you should mean them. Because one day, the worse in “for better or worse” may come around and real love stands with that person, it doesn’t run. Real love stays until the last breath, and it’s clear when Michel said those words, she clearly meant every one of them.

So many of you have heard myself, and all my sweet, wonderful female Saints fan friends, on Twitter, use the term “WhoDatDiva”. It became clear to me after watching Michel that there was the definition of that term, spelled out clearly for me. Michel is all that the phrase means. Dedicated mother, loving wife, passionate advocate, and a fan to the core. Wonderful to their friends and always there for you even when they don’t have the time. It is these traits I saw in Michel, that I see in these other women every single day.

Michel is the heart, the example to which I will now point when I say WhoDatDiva. She is the woman raising her kids alone and still having to smack on a smile to take her mother for chemo treatments. She is the passionate voice for rights that is never, ever silenced no matter who disagrees with her opinion. She is the mother raising a special needs child and seeing the light in that child every day. She is the woman battling her own illness with dignity and class. She is the mother working multiple jobs to see that her children have everything they need. She is the college student working hard every day to become her dream.

The strength, beauty, kindness, compassion, love and humor with which every one of these women live life is something that should never go unrecognized. Female Saints fans are more than just girls in jersey’s. They are the backbone of the entire fan base.

Are these women perfect? No. Are they flawless? No. Are they unbreakable? Absolutely! Because even in a moment of utter chaos and heartbreak, when they are on their knees in a puddle of tears, you can always bank your money on a WhoDatDiva climbing back up and showing the world her strength. So on Sunday, when you see those “girls in Black & Gold” take a second’re looking at more than just fans. You’re looking at a group of women that reflect the team they cheer for. Pure class. Raw, unfailing strength and an unending passion and love for their team and the people around them. They will always be more than fans, they’ll always be a blazing, fiery example of courage and love.

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