Saints Revolution

What’s The Deal???

So everybody is wondering what is wrong with the Saints.  I know I am.  The board is.  The media is.  Hell, the players are.  Let’s examine what is different this year from the last…

The first thing that stands out to me is the lack of big plays on both the offensive and defensive ends.  Well, I guess that was the obvious observation.  The less clear conclusion, unless you look at the scoreboard, is that some players got a little fat on their success over the offseason.  I don’t mean to call out names but Jahri Evans, Robert Meachem, Anthony Hargrove, and even Jabari Greer aren’t having the impact that they had a season ago.  Of all players though, quarterback Drew Brees performance has been the most disturbing.  I’m not going to say that he coasted in the offseason because I do not believe it is in his nature, but I do think that something is different.  The interceptions are inexcusable.

The media has been pointing to the absence of Reggie Bush as the reason why the Saints offense has been sputtering but I have a newsflash…  The Saints offense was horrible before Reggie got hurt.  The play-calling has been frustrating to say the least.  In fact, did we actually have our rookie TE run a reverse on the opening drive a few weeks ago?  Even with a Super Bowl ring, it appears that our coach, Sean Payton, has some of that mad scientist still in him.  It wasn’t quite the double reverse on 4th down on our side of the 50 yard line to kill a shot at winning at home against Tampa Bay but it did bring back memories.  Don’t act like you don’t remember that game!

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